The multi-sensorische installation Be boy be girl engages sight, hearing, touch and smell. Here, our bodies become more than just our eyes and ears; they become the vehicles with which we challenge reality. Be boy be girl is an immersive installation. With an extended body, the moment of disbelief that results from the experience is delayed for as long as possible. The installation was created by filmmakers Frederik Duerinck and Marleine van der Werf. With a keen feel for current events, Be boy Be girl creates an experience at the crossroads of spectacle and introspection, innovation and depth. It also gives a glimpse of what the future holds in terms of sensual, technical and cinematic design. Where Artist Julio le Parc created optical mirror effects using simple glasses made of plexiglass, this 3D-scent headset combines art, science, technology and sensory experiences. 

Curator Museum Schunck Lene Terhaar 

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Multi sensory installation



Frederik Duerinck 

Marleine van der Werf


Model and Hostess:

Ama Anim


Thanks to:


Erik Schuring 

Additional postproduction

& programming

Roelof Tijdens






"My body is a thing among things"

Philosopher Maurice Merleau Ponty

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